Friday, 25 December 2015


As a young boy way, back in 1957 while studying in 7th class, we were told that in Indian democracy there are no Nawabs. The rulers/Members of Parliament were just selfless servants of the people who would be in politics for the sake of serving the nation and its citizenry for a salary of Rs 400 only, the same as the starting salary of a class I bureaucrat of that time. To day after about sixty years, we are back to the old Nawab structure, where MP's have proposed for themselves a basic salary of Rs 100000 with allowances to the tune of Rs 1.8 lakh per month. Add to this other perks that catapult their take home to something like Rs 20 lakhs on an average and in some cases as high as Rs50 lakhs. Incidentally starting basic salary of class I bureaucrats as per the 7th pay commission is Rs 56100. Once the proposals, prepared by the Parliamentary Affairs Ministry, are implemented, wages of MPs will be higher than the government secretary’s salary. - See more at:
In sixty years MP's have managed to hike their own salaries from the level of a sub divisional magistrate to that of a secretary in the central government and now that the concept of a career politician has crept in the Indian polity and since they can themselves make/amend their salaries/allowances/perks in a rather unashamed manner, there is all likely possibility that India is going to have couple of thousands of Nawabs in the next decade or so living on tax payers money without even any basic ethics/code of conduct that is binding on all the bureaucracy of this country.

Monday, 3 August 2015


The politicians say India is a true democracy. The students say they do not get jobs. The facts say more than 80% of people coming out of all schools, colleges, universities and institutes are simply unemployable. Intelligentsia and experts from all over the globe are of the opinion that India is wonderfully poised to be a prosperous nation by another decade. But our politicians seem to be hell bent to prove all these pundits wrong through their actions.
We have students of Puducherry university and Film Institute Pune holding protests over the appointments of vice chancellor and President in the true name of democracy. It appears they are at the moment fighting for their democratic right to choose the institutional heads but I won't be surprised if tomorrow they start demanding the right to have examiners of their choice and liking, all with backing from the polity which claims to be the benefactor of the nation.
Indian Parliament has not worked for the last so many days in this monsoon session and the Indian polity is crying itself hoarse that they work in the best interest of the nation and its billion plus citizens perhaps trying to impress upon the hapless voters (who send them to this august house) that they will be better off if Parliament does not work.Today some ministers need to resign for letting the Parliament work. To morrow we might see the condition of the government resignation being put for allowing the Parliament to work.Hats off to the Indian polity, after all India is a true democracy.